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Bikes are amazing, cutting-edge machines that seem to do just about anything and can be ridden just about anywhere. Like all machines though, they require maintenance & servicing to perform their best. Fortunately, we’ve got just about as many different tools to fix your bike as there are types of bikes.

We’re ready to tackle everything from seasonal tune-ups and flat fixes to specialty services like bike fittings, small component rebuilds, suspension overhauls, hydraulic system bleeds and electronic shifting system servicing.

Below is our fairly-comprehensive list of services and prices. If you don’t see a service on this list though, don’t worry, we almost certainly can accommodate any need you have. There’s simply so many different services that bikes can require, that while we try to list them all and keep on top of new services as modern high-end components continue to evolve, we’re sure to have inadvertently left something off the menu.

Builds, Assemblies & Shipping

  • Triathlon / Time-Trial Build (non ride.) – $300
  • Triathlon / Time-Trial Build (ride.) – $200
  • Road (non ride.) – $160
  • Road (ride.) – $120
  • Mountain (non ride.) – $200
  • Mountain (ride.) – $150
  • Bike Build Hourly (non ride.) – $100
  • Bike Build Hourly (ride.) – $60
  • Bike Boxed for Shipping – $50
  • Assemble Shipped Previously Assembled Bike – $50

Brake & Gear Adjustments

  • Derailleur Adjustment – $15
    • Charge is per derailleur / shifter.
    • Adjust both for $25.
    • Installation of new cable $5 additional, plus cost of cable.
  • Brake Adjustment – $10
    • Charge is per brake, does not include hydraulic bleeding.
    • Installation of new cable or pads $5 additional, plus parts.
    • Installation of new cable and pads $10 additional, plus parts.
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleeding – $25
    • Charge is per brake, does not include internals servicing.
    • Standard fluid (DOT or Mineral Oil) is included.
  • Hydraulic Brake Piston Service – $30
    • Charge is per brake.
    • Stubborn piston is removed, lubricated and reinstalled.
    • System is flushed of fluid and re-bled.
  • Shifter Flushing – $15
    • Shifters which no longer engage internally have old grease flushed.
    • Internals are re-lubricated and manipulated until the shifter begins to function properly again.

Cleaning & Detailing

  • Bicycle Clean-Up Charge – $15
    • Available as a stand-alone cleaning service.
    • May apply in addition to tune-up and overhaul services when bicycles are dropped off in particularly bad condition.
  • Bicycle Detailing Service – $45
    • Bicycle exterior is thoroughly cleaned.
    • Auto-body grade wax is applied to clear coated surfaces.
    • Metallic components are hand-polished.
    • Drivetrain clean-up is available at a reduced rate when combined with a full detailing.
  • Drivetrain Clean-Up Charge – $35
    • Complete degreasing and cleaning of the drivetrain components. Includes front and rear derailleurs, cassette/freewheel, chain and crankset.