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We happen to live in the midst of some of the best, most-developed, highest-quality and well-maintained mountain bike, rail-to-trail and road bike loops and trails in any suburban area in the entire US. It’s something that can go unnoticed by many, but taking advantage of the open space around us on two-wheels is a fantastic way to experience the varied landscapes of the small area we live in. We’re always amazed how it feels like we’ve been transported out-west or to some other country when we ride all the different parks, trails and loops in our area.

Check out the various links below and on the main menu of our site for information about all the local riding hot-spots, our favorite trails, and ride recommendations. Also, be sure to follow our group ride & event calendars for announcements about rides leaving from the shop or meeting up at different parks and parking lots throughout Westchester and various seminars we host to help you learn more about your bike.

As much as we love talking and fixing bikes, like most of you, there’s nothing we’d rather be doing than going out for a ride. Always feel free to send us a message (click the little mail icon on the left), call us, or swing by the shop for trail and ride recommendations or to find out about upcoming rides or events. We’re almost always headed out before and after store hours for rides, and we love to show others around or just have a group to ride with.

Mountain Biking at County Parks:

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