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November 2015

Yes, your chain wears out.

Does this sound familiar?

What’s wrong with your bike?
We’ve all had at least one of those experiences as cyclists. A properly functioning drivetrain is one of those things we tend to take for granted. You shift gears and expect your bike to do as told. Every so often though, things don’t work as advertised.
The first step is making sure the “simple” things are taken care of. Make sure you’ve had your shifters and derailleurs properly adjusted. Then take a look to make […]

May 2015

Singletrack School

Some towns just “get it”. Cycling has such a great impact on everyone, but especially for kids it encourages them to get off the couch and learn in the “outdoor classroom”. We’re happy to say that although we might not have the proper woodlands directly around our schools to accomplish this, our town has a phenomenally strong, committed and large National Interscholastic Cycling Association mountain bike team that has grown to nearly 30 kids, with a majority of them […]

Bike Mag Offers Peek at Upcoming Trance Advanced 27.5 Review

Bike magazine plans to review the 2015 Trance Advanced 27.5 in an upcoming issue, and recently posted this short preview to its website with initial impressions of the composite trail bike.
In the preview, Bike describes the bike as a versatile trail machine that performs on both climbs and descents.
“The 5.5-inch travel frame is decidedly capable,” wrote editor Vernon Felton. “You can run it as an aggressive trail bike and with a few tweaks run it as a full-on […]

Colavita and Bianchi Unite to Support Pro Women’s Cycling!

The Italian Connection

Team Colavita jersey

Team Sponsors

Edison, NJ – The iconic Italian brands Colavita and Bianchi are coming together to support the professional Colavita/Bianchi Women’s Cycling Team in 2015. By combining their strengths, these brands promise to support an American team born of the famed Italian passione for the sport of cycling.Both brands boast unmatched heritage. Colavita, founded more than 100 years ago in St. Elia a Piansis, Italy, is a family-owned producer of extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and […]